Ask me (lost_narnian) wrote in hopeless_causes,
Ask me

x Name?: Alyssa Claire
x Age?: 20
x Describe yourself.: Run of the mill run-down in debt 20-something trying to get by. I smoke cloves and i love it. I aspire to one day be that 112 year old woman that still somehow smokes a pack a day. Some of my friends have called me the angriest human being they have ever met. I don't entirely believe that
x Do you think Cancer is funny?: Only ironic cancer is funny
x Why are you so hopeless?: Because i live day by day and trying to live in advanced hurts
x It's Friday night, what the hell are you doing?: Sitting around a firepit in the middle of the woods with friends or driving to a beach to watch the sun come up.
x Name an aspiration you have.: To spend atleast a year living in London or Canada be it as a hobo or an embassador
x Who would you rather kill, a helpless baby, or yourself?: I could find a way to save both
x Make me laugh.: A Mother camel with one hump and a Father camel with two humps has a baby with no hump. What do they name him?

Its funny because its cute and it has, 'hump' in it.

x Why should I say yes to you?: Because i am a tall amazon goddess who will strike you down with my Xena-like reflexes if you don't...

Sometimes i get stuck in tornadoes.
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