*~.:.:.Megan.:.:.~* (retardinabox) wrote in hopeless_causes,

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x Name?: Megan
x Age?: 18
x Describe yourself.: i'm Megan
x Do you think Cancer is funny?: no Scorpios are funnier
x Why are you so hopeless?: because i'm not hopeful? i'm a psychotic druggy with a weird sense of humor and a broke heart
x It's Friday night, what the hell are you doing?: cocaine..usually...
x Name an aspiration you have.: writing a book (haha you said ass)
x Who would you rather kill, a helpless baby, or yourself?: i guess myself, i've made several attempts now, and i'm not one for quitting
x Make me laugh.: like with a joke? i don't know any jokes. i do physical humor. like ok, the user name? is because for christmas my sister got something in a big box so i decided to wear it as a toga and act like i was mentally retarded, i also put a suction cupped compass on my forehead if that makes me any funnier
x Why should I say yes to you?: because i'm retardinabox
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