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x Name?: The EMPRESS OF EVIL MWAHAHAHA alright fine it's Cassandra
x Age?: 19
x Describe yourself.: I am God. Ok fine... I'm just another shell of a human being trying to find whatever it is that's been missing since I was 3.
x Do you think Cancer is funny?: Hell yeah it is. It has to be... I have it... so eh... Cancer cells are aliens... coming in and slowly taking over my body by pretending to be healthy, friendly cells. I find it funny. It's like some old horror B-Movie. I know... Invasion of the Saucer People... damn now I want to watch B Movies... or troma movie... those are cool.
x Why are you so hopeless?: You're reading my responses to these questions. Isn't that enough? But if I must... I'm hopeless because I'm empty and beyond anyone's help. Well at least I can still laugh at my own patheticness and at life.
x It's Friday night, what the hell are you doing?: ruling the universe. What else? I am God after all. Ok fine... I am at school, then work, then school again, then home, then at a club with friends until Saturday. Ah the beauty of fake IDs...
x Name an aspiration you have.: To get out of this personal hell that is my life. *begins humming along to Cemetary Gates by Pantera*
x Who would you rather kill, a helpless baby, or yourself?: myself.
x Make me laugh.: hmm... well... there are two sausages in a frying pan. One sausage turns to the other and says "damn it's getting hot in here." The other screams wide eyed at the top of it's lungs "AHHHHHHHH!!!! A TALKING SAUSAGE!!!!!" Ok so that's lame but eh...
x Why should I say yes to you?: because I am THE GREATEST! Didn't you get the memo? no... I really don't know. Oh I know... I'll use my Jedi mind powers *you're going to say yes* hmm did it work?.... Ok I'm just going to shut up now. I want to sing along to Godsmack now anyway. See you later.
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