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Dead Babies

Excite me.

Have you seen our sanity?
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This community is for people who are beyond hope. Hopeless causes, right? People who are bitchy and miserable, yet can still maintain a sense of humor towards life, because indeed, life is funny (In a sick and twisted way). People who hate everything and everyone, and just really don't care anymore. People who don't give a shit. I don't want happy, pre pubescent, bunnyloving crack whores in here. However, regular crack whores are fine. Bottom line, be unique.
- Jesus cyanidekoolaid8

Mother Fucking Rules

Be Mature I really don't care about age, as long as your mature enough so that your biggest accomplishment wouldn't be surviving gym class.

Speak CORRECTLY If I see anyone "TlKiN LIk DiS lol!!!111one" EVERYONE'S DYING

Be Unique I don't want to see clones in here. People who feel the need to copy everyone else in order to mantain some kind of interesting personalirty, are just fucking sad. You don't need to be the next Madonna, or Elizabeth Báthory, just don't be redundant.

I am better than you. Do not arguge with me because I am always right, be able to take the No's (there will be a lot of them), No text-only promotes in here for other communities.

Hmmm To show you read the rules, don't have anything in the subject line when you apply.

Accepted Members Post whatever you want here, poems, rants, pictures, whateverthefuckyouwant. Just put pictures behind a LJ-cut. And on the voting, be as rude and bitchy and harsh as you want.

Rejection Once you're rejected you can apply again with my permission.

Pictures You don't NEED to supply pictures with an application but if you wish to show your face put it behind a Lj-cut. Don't know what the hell that is? Click Here

Once you post it, you CAN NOT go back and change it.

x Name?:
x Age?:
x Describe yourself.:
x Do you think Cancer is funny?:
x Why are you so hopeless?:
x It's Friday night, what the hell are you doing?:
x Name an aspiration you have.:
x Who would you rather kill, a helpless baby, or yourself?:
x Make me laugh.:
x Why should I say yes to you?:

Don't like it? Make one up yourself.


Accepted Members