Jen (fatblobof_irish) wrote in hopeless_causes,

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x Name?: Jen
x Age?: 15
x Describe yourself.: I'm spicey
x Do you think Cancer is funny?: Only when it isnt me
x Why are you so hopeless?: because I said so
x It's Friday night, what the hell are you doing?: look what i can do! * jumps*
x Name an aspiration you have.: hahaha that sounds like perspiration! hahaha SWEAT FIEND! OH YEAH ! OH YEAH!!! hHahahahaha
x Who would you rather kill, a helpless baby, or yourself?: Is this an ugly baby?.....
x Make me laugh.: Im smarter than you, and my boobs are bigger.
x Why should I say yes to you?: I believe my "saucy dancing ways" are in order.... ;-)
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